My Innovation Scholar Program’s Problem Statement: University of Utah Campus Lacks centralized Bus Terminal

Bus terminal is a station where all the buses plying in the city gather. It is a geographical point of connection of many different important routes. The best location of a bus terminal is the center of the city or a prime area where it can be easily accessed by a large group of people. In addition, before choosing a location for a bus terminal, a planner should consider the future of topographical circumstances. Planner cannot choose the appropriate location alone, so planner must involve people who are expected to be benefited from the project.

Typical bus terminal should have an Eco-friendly urban design. Eco-friendly place would attract people, helping in reviving the economy of the place. It would make people meet at nice place atmospherically, because the place would be free from pollution. Thus, they would enjoy gatherings at the Eco-friendly place. This by itself would call for people to come, meet, and benefit from the bus terminal. This would help friends walk together to the bus terminal. It is easier to wait for the bus with a beloved person. It will also be a good place for regular commuters to make new friends.

University of Utah lacks a typical bus terminal. Although the University of Utah campus has several bus stops and variety of bus routes that give commuter ability to reach almost anywhere in Salt Lake City, the bus stops are decentralized. Decentralization of bus stops is a hardship for commuter to enjoy and benefit from public transportation services especially the bus services at the University of Utah Campus.

Commuter would like to enjoy the opportunity of choosing number of different bus routes from one place. If a commuter wants to visit a different part of the city and there is no bus plying between his current location and that part of the city, the commuter is likely to use private transportation to save time. This would make no benefit for the city or commuter economically, environmentally, and socially. Bus terminal is an urgent and impotent need for the University of Utah campus in the upcoming few years due to geographical, topographical, and economical issues of the campus and Utah Transit Authority.

Decentralization bus system deters people from using the bus system as it is evident currently where most of the students and staff prefer using their own vehicle to commute. Lack of bus terminal is going to worsen the economic, environmental, and social conditions of the campus. It is already weak, but it is going to struggle severe fragility when train cross campus every 7.5 minutes and the number of cars get increased. The place would really face hard congestion.

The economic threats of decentralizing bus stops are wasting student’s budget for transportation costs just to reach campus faster and have the opportunity of going anywhere after school. It is an economic burden on the University of Utah student, because student already paid for public transportation with his/her school tuition and never benefit from what he/she funded for. In addition, usage of private transport causes more traffic on roads, greater chances of accident and more pollution.

If most commuters use car to approach campus, public petition could stop students from paying for public transportation with tuition. As a result of this, UTA would not be able to operate projects that got funded by the federal government. It would be unsustainable economically. It also would weaken the individual savings of student who solely depend on the UTA for conveyance. When student is limited economically, it is going to impact on his academic career also.

Decentralizing bus stops increases environmental fragility. Commuters would abstain from using public transportation and rely on car instead. Thus, decentralizing bus stops causes more pollution in Salt Lake City, which is already facing severe pollution problems due to temperature inversion. Salt Lake City was regarded as the second most polluted city in the United States of America, this winter. Decentralized bus system, excessive usage of private vehicle would further delay the time it takes to reach normal conditions after the event of temperature inversion. The decentralization impacts the resiliency of the urban ecology of Salt Lake City in general and especially places such as the campus of the University of Utah, where is located on the mountains.

Reducing the gaseous emission from the private vehicle would increase the resiliency of the urban ecology of Salt Lake City. The increased use of private vehicle leads to an increases in pollutions like Corbin dioxide (CO2), nitrogen dioxide (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and aerosols. A place that is associated with temperature inversion gets worst pollution impact than any other place on Earth. Salt Lake City has hard time having resilience after the event of temperature inversion with pollutions.

The decentralization of bus stops would disperse the social unity and oneness between commuters on the campus. Classmates would go to different bus stops, so they would have less chance to improve the relationship from classmate to friendship. Bus terminal would gather commuters. Since there is variety of bus routes, commuters can change their plan. For example, if two classmates walked together to the same bus terminal, they would have chance to re-plan their trips. They can decide to reach any point in the city from the terminal. A scenic and beautiful bus trip would help in building a strong relationship.

Bus terminal would allow people to meet and know each other. Indeed, it is a point of connection for knowing new ones. It would be the most popular place for commuters, since it became the first place of an expected meeting. It opens the port between commuters to go along with each other. It is accessible for everybody, so students from different background will meet and have short talks. Great ideas come from accidental combination. It is expected that bus terminal would have this feature among other places on campus.

Commuter Services at the University of Utah is trying to solve this issue with lowest possible risks. Commuter Services is trying to reach the best proposal to maintain these three issues on campus at high level of sustainability. Bus terminal is the best solution. It is going to be located at the front of South Campus Drive @ 1800 East Train Station. It is proposed to demolish Buildings & Grounds and Motor Pool buildings and then develop the site with the University of Utah Bus Terminal. The two buildings are old and their contract with the University of Utah is about to end. As well, electric bus is proposed to move commuters from the Bus Terminal to Warnock Engineering Building and around campus.

However, there are some problems that are needed to be addressed to make this plan excellent. Demolishing Buildings & Grounds and Motor Pool buildings is not an Eco-friendly action. This would hurt the environment by creating waste. In addition, it is wasting of money. The community of the University of Utah would not be able to celebrate and enjoy the process of the site development. Commuters who have relationship with the two buildings are going to be relocated and forced to move due to the end of the contract. This would cause unpleasant feelings for them. However, it would be great if they can contribute in the process of the site redevelopment.

Commuter Services desire to have a café in the Bus Terminal. Cup of coffee would refresh the place. It would bring about economical betterment to the place. The taxes of this business would be paid for the site sustainability and development expenses. Therefore, it is sustainable in manner of economy. In addition, commuters would love to make a cup of coffee as their meeting linker. Thus, it would be the place where people communicate and go along. However, it would not be sustainable environmentally if the food source is not local due to lacking of local urban farms. Officially, there is no proposal for local urban farms in the Bus Terminal.

People who spend most of their lives in boxes are observed to walk more like robot and take no notice of the environment around them. Yet, many people who have deep connection with the ecology of their places are witnessed to walk sophisticatedly with special rhythms. When they walk, their hike is more associated with style of dancing exuding positive energy and charm. When a commuter gets out classroom, which is box, he/she would be packaged and shipped by a box to reach another box. Therefore, the proposal of integrating additional boxes such as cars on campus is not helpful to maintain the campus at high level of economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

I am an international student, who is a part of the University of Utah. Since the day I started studying, I am trying to belong myself to the campus. Day after day, I become more onto the campus until I could have emphasized for the place. Now, I am involved into this project of integrating a bus terminal to campus. It means high value to me, since I have experienced the joyfulness of the University of Victoria, British Columbia, UVic Bus Terminal. I loved that place, so my affection to it makes me motivated to integrate awe-inspiring and excellent ideas to my current place.

Therefore, I would like to rename the bus terminal as the University of Utah Eco-friendly Bus Terminal. The name should include Eco-friendly, so commuters awake their consciousness about their relationship with the place ecologically. Construction of the centralized bus terminal is an urgent and impotent need, because the University of Utah lacks a bus terminal that is a geographical point of connection for closing 21 important bus routes. The construction of bus terminal is going to recycle the two old buildings that their contracts are about to end. Everything in Buildings & Grounds and Motor Pool buildings is going to be recycled in order to construct the site redevelopment project. I did not accept the idea of integrating boxes on campus, because my ideology seeks integrating nature and education in the campus.

The project should be finished by December 2017. The entire Salt Lake community is going to be benefited from this project. The location of the Terminal is able to contain diverse varieties of flora and fauna. So, this opportunity should be utilized to open the port of unity between wildlife and commuters. The scale of the Terminal is going to be around 6000 Square meters, which replace and recycle Buildings & Grounds and Motor Pool buildings. Approximately, it can contain up to 21 bus stops. Also, it can have indoor four-season shelter and shadowed bike rack behind the shelter. In addition, it can have shelter for diverse varieties of flora and fauna. Sidewalks of the Terminal are proposed to contain official local gardens that feed the Terminal Café and export goods to local places.

The proposed construction is achievable, because it exists in many places on Earth. Therefore, it is reasonable to work forward accomplishing it. First, recycling buildings is easy by involving current people who have relationship with the buildings. When these people who are going to be forced for new location are involved into recycling their past with the buildings, they would have better chance to get adjusted to the new place. They would give higher effort in the new place of job. Although they had expected relocating action, they would not prefer to make new relationship with the new place. However, if they have full understanding through recycling involvement, they would get heart’s ease with the new place faster. They would be able to bring what they have recycled to the new place. For example, they could bring old office boxes and plant it with favorite vegetation.

Having straight green shadowed pathway from the Terminal to Warnock Engineering Building is better idea than having train like shipping box. If a straight green shadowed pathway is applied, it would still be walkable. Any distance is less than 0.50 mile is walkable, because it would take about 10 minutes walking. This would not make students pay more for their tuitions for train operation. It would improve our resiliency to get our lost rhythms back. Socially, it would allow commuters communicate well. Sustainable pathway is the approach to allow commuters to reach to others. It makes them go along with diverse varieties of flora and fauna. When a commuter walk and observe peacock, he/she would take from its attributes.

I am able to achieve this, because I have experienced similar terminal and I have educated. I just need engagement with the project. I planned to create the Flaneur Project for myself to engage with it. Great ideas usually come from being in peaceful and thoughtful state. When I am directionless and having numerous of great thoughts during free time, I need to record them on variety of forms. I am going to write, print, sketch, and design for the sake of the Bus Terminal. I would focus on accessibility for wheelchair, reducing urban heat island, creating shelter for variety of species, and communicable boards that make relationship between traveler and the terminal.

Observing campus from other angles would help me understand the feeling of walking from the place where I would suggest the location of the terminal to all buildings. This would make me closer to the real situation of the future of the terminal. After I involve into this engagement, my suggestions for the planning division would be supported by the Flaneur Project collections and observations. Therefore, the involvement in such project like this may change the complete ideology of smart transportation as an element in the new urbanism.

Here is the initial design of the terminal as it goes along with current surroundings in manner of urban morphology:

02 03 04 05 06 11


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Mind Use and Ethical Model: A Letter of Recommendation

Turki's Mind Use and Ethical Model©A person is born with many identities that differentiate him/her from other species. Human is born with love for others. Also, we come with loyalty, fear, generosity, and punctuality. For example, human would make no different between himself and other species until he experiences surroundings that tell him that he is a deferent part of nature than other parts. Thus, humankind uses his innate behaviors to explore his identities before childhood, because it is orientated by essential animal that would never goes away from him.

From the age of childhood the person would develop and direct behaviors based on personal experiences. The person uses himself to show empathy and observe the income of this action. Based on the income, the person would modify behaviors. Also, when a child reads story, the characters of the story would play a role in his behaviors. Therefore, families try to pick peaceful stories for their children. Experiences would alter the human’s personality, because it is  observations. Although it is observations, it is not yet realization.

Purposefulness is made by person’s desires and patience. Goals are reflections of person’s desires that are achievable. Also, patience is the ability of resisting frustrations. When these two are companied, you must know that the person has unexploded energy. Essential animal and the quality of his virtue is going to explode it sustainability. Thus, before exploding his desire with patience, human has to scale them on community needs, governmental law, and culture.

Thus, his decisions are going to mange the use of surrounded resources for new experiences that would impact on his behaviors. This process may take long time, because the experience require certain age, class, and health. Before going into a new experience, our fear should tell us about its behavioral modification risks. Based on our observation and experiences we roadmap our lives. We chose the trace that we want to leave out of purposefulness. We need to know the purpose of every deed we commit and be conscious about it.

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Top Ten

There are ten big problems that really need to be fixed in order for me to love a place and have a relationship with it. If they got fixed, I am fine. Besides, I will be fine and the environmental, economical, and social manners of my community will be sustainable. We need benefit the following opportunities:

  1. Higher quality of life
  2. Better places to live/work
  3. higher/stable property values
  4. Diverse, smaller, unique shopping
  5. Less traffic/congestion
  6. Less driving
  7. Less walking
  8. Less sprawl
  9. Greater neighborhood character
  10. Financial savings

In order to enjoy the above dreams, we need to “fix” the following issues:

  1. Walkability: Missing destinations within a 10-minute walk of home or work
  2. Connectivity: Our community needs interconnected grid of street and pedestrian systems
  3. Mixed land-relationship and Mixed People: love to have mixed land-relationship such as offices land-relationship, residences land-relationship. Also, the relationships with the land should be with different  ethnic groups. So, we have multicultural community
  4. Mixed Housing types: in every community we should have single family, multiple-family, apartments, lofts, and Homestay
  5. Quality architectural and urban design: Creation and connections that emphasize a “Sense of Place”. Quality human-scale architecture that doesn’t have to hostile to humans.
  6. Traditional neighborhood structure: Need to have discernible neighborhood center and edge.
  7. Increased density: Love to have clustered density that is better for health, walkable, and efficient. It is not for everyone
  8. Smart transportation: I (myself) need multi-modal transportation options
  9. sustainable community design: our community lack to energy efficiency, less use of finite fuels, eco-friendly/resource friendly technology
  10. Quality of life: Humans are complex, integrated creatures who respond to their environment. Environments which are holistic, diverse, and promote contact and interaction are habitat for whole human beings. It takes us from Nature deficit disorder (NDD) and living in boxes inside boxes to a quality of life that maintains our healths at livable enjoyable rate.

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April 8, 2013 · 6:29 am

Values and Goals


Value is the worth of importance and preciousness of entity. Everything in a person’s live is going to be shaped according to his/her values. Our observations create values that we respect. Then, we appoint goals upon our values. Goal is a pair of values linked by purposefulness. The goal is a clear testimonial statement of the needs you want to impact at any geographical point in the plant. It could be physical or spiritual.

It is important for every single person to have a goal, because it adds objectiveness into the actions of human. In fact, everything in this plant has a goal. All animals have goals. For example, one of the animal’s goals is to sustain the ecosystem and the cycle of the wildlife. Moreover, inanimate objects own goals. For instance, scientifically, mountains have a goal to be a stick on earth. How come some humans have no objective goal?

In fact, human is one of the most creations has hard time figuring, achieving, and making goals and values. So, the first struggle for human is to know what he/she values. Sometimes, they mix between cultural values and personal values. Cultural values are costmary codes that need to be used to communicate and live in a community.

Personal values are the one’s desire. Personal values usually do not against cultural values. So, figuring out personal values that go along with the community is the first struggle. Then, linking these values to obtain a goal is the second fight. Next, achieving goals is not essay with failures around. Finally, sustaining the achievement at a certain level and quality is the hardest stage for all humans.

Sustainable achievements are the goal for every goal you make, because it means that the goal is successfully made. From my experience, my goal is to change the habit of procrastinating and enhance my personality with punctuality feature. I can be on time for a week, but this does not mean that I made my goal successfully. Because this goal does not maintain at the length of the rest of the semester or season as well as the punctuality during one week, it is not successful. Therefore, the goal should be sustainable, measurable, observable, objective, achievable, specific, and is powered by personal purposefulness.

There are so many strategies and skills a person can apply to help him/her obtain a successful goal. Self-discovery is the first tool that every single animal uses toward successful goal. We can appoint some of our essential animal behaviors as values. Then, we link these values to be purposes. After we know the purposes of our actions, we can easily know our real desires. Thus, the desires can be flipped into goals. However, we need to make sure that the desires are flappable from longings to realistic existences.

After we appoint longings that meet the conditions successful goal, we work toward this goal on regular bases. First, we have to understand how to be patient. Patience is quality and ability of holding out struggles and pains on the way to the successful goal. Patient faces struggles with full of hope and quietism. Moreover, patience is completely linked with optimism and entirely depends on the beliefs.

Our goals reflect our achievable desires and surrounding observations. Thus, through renewed daily planning and constant effort, hopes turn into work we do and live with. At the end, we should be very careful with our goals, because sometimes we think it is a good impact and in fact it is not. Therefore, our goals must be virtue and done through humane manner. Virtue is models of desires, thoughts, and actions that are based on high ethical standards. A virtue person [Fadyle person] is the one who is free from impure thoughts, desires, and behaviors.

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New York: Climate Change


New York City. USA is facing climate change as any other city in our Home. The city has an approximate population of about 8175133 people, with a density of 27532 square miles and the surface area is about 468.9 square miles. The climatic weather conditions are that of sub tropical with humid conditions, at times experiencing hot summers with cold and damp winters. The environmental issue of climate change has the following effects: temperatures are expected to increase by 3 degrees in the year 2020 and 7.5 degrees by the year 2080 which reset to move frequent heat waves. In 2080 it is expected a 10% precipitation will occur which cause severe storms creating will major flooding.

The sea level will then expect to be 12 to 13 inches in 2080, when will be endangering over 600 miles of New York City coastlines. The remedies and adaptations have been put forward to address the environmental issue including preparing for a large population today, increasing public transit options and bike lanes, making open forum communications between climate experts and other government officials, and establishing a climate change monitoring programs. Each citizen of the city has been asked to decrease greenhouse gas emissions in turn save money on oil and gas use.

There have been a number of activists who have to proclaim an increase in tree planting in parks. The environmental conditions in the city have exposed the city residents to a number of new hazards and a number of heightened risks. These risks are due to increase. The only solution to the problem in the city is to reduce green house gases in the atmosphere. The city with its authorities came with the NPCC (New Panel Climate Change) to identify crucial vulnerabilities and come up with adaptations strategies and a number of recommendations, which will foster effective climate programs.

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Climate Change


Climate change has elicited numerous debates on its causes, problems and solutions. While the effects of climate change are often viewed to be negative especially in the contemporary world, there are some climate change effects that have brought forth positive aspects of the process. This scenario is depicted by the Arctic sea ice loss. The loss of sea ice in the Arctic is a negative effect of climate change. However, the impact of this on the surrounding environment has presented a positive aspect of that negative effect.

The loss of sea ice in the Arctic is attributed to climate change. Even with this, the Arctic sea ice loss has provided a lucrative opportunity for the exploration of oil resources. Ice meltdown in the Greenland, Kara, Barents and Chukchi regions have enabled drilling and exploration of oil (McClintock, 2011). Oil is a crucial resource and a primary source of energy. Although these regions maybe characterized by a degrading sea environment, the underlying benefits of oil in the regions cannot be ignored.

The urban environment surrounding these regions is bound to benefit from a consistent and reliable energy source. The economic performance is further expected to thrive, amid the oil exploration activities. Also, the exploration is likely to boost employment opportunities in these regions, thereby raising the standard of living of the surrounding communities. This urban setting is also bound to benefit from international trade, in the event that the extracted oil is exported to other countries. Alongside these realizations, there are underlying negative aspects. The oil drilling and exploration activities are likely to trigger continued environmental degradation, over and above Arctic sea ice loss. This is due to the fact that oil extraction is likely to cause environmental pollution, from extraction to refinery. This adds up to the already existing problem of Arctic sea ice loss.


McClintock, J. B. (2011). Arctic: Sea-ice loss sparks oil drilling boom. Nature, 479 (7374), 478.

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Shortage of Water


shortage of water occurs hard in Mexico City, located in Mexico State, with a population of approximately 8 million people. The weather is not conducive because it is characterized with hot summers and high temperature winters. The city is also built beside the lake on top of Tenochtitlan, which is the ancient Aztec city, and has a lower elevation on the surrounding lakes. It is a place of several water issues. There are no adequate water resources, and increase in maintenance costs of water supplies. Also, there is the problem of poor sanitation facilities. This has made the city authorities and local people to out-source these facilities. In the country, only 39% of its population access clean waters and with some 74% of population accessed to acidic free drinking waters. With the changes in weather, the city is faced with floods and sinking.

The condition is the same in Bangladesh, which is over populated, resulting into in adequate social infrastructures and services. The issue in the city is due to the shortage of water and other infrastructures, which results into many people in the city not getting enough basic infrastructures. The poor drainage systems have made water supply in some places to be dirty. This has prompted the country to get ground waters and put pumps so that piped water is available to the city residents. The water problem is compounded with business people selling water using water trucks, forming cartels. The authorities of Mexico have tried to come up with measures but to no avail; it still remains an environmental issue to the city

The environmental issue of shortage of water is also characterized in Las Vegas where water shortage is seasonal. Las Vegas has a population of about 583756 people. It is located at about 2028 feet above. The sea level with a surface area is about 135.82 square miles. This makes the majority of its land to have desert characteristics. It does depend on Exotic River with nearly 90% of it coming of River Colorado and Lake Mead. The Colorado River has extensive networks providing waters to other seven western states. An approximation of 325851 gallons of water is received per Acre-foot, which shows how shortage of water has prevailed in the city.

The positive issue in the city is the availability of ground water, which can be dug. Hydro scarping can also be done easily. The state authorities have planned to implement programs to promote efficient living, the solution is that Southern Nevada water authorities have proposed to build a 285 pipeline that will pass groundwater and six valleys in the eastern Nevada; this will help in providing 50 million gal of water to the local residents.

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